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SAFE SOLUTIONS is a new Engineering Company and a Software Commercial Agent in Brazil, that started its activities in October of 2012. Based on values such as ethics, commitment and agility, SAFE SOLUTIONS strives for quality in its projects, as well as for customer satisfaction and wellbeing of its employees and community.
Faced with the growing market of national engineering, which is lacking of skilled labor, SAFE SOLUTIONS appears motivated by the possibility of contributing to the development of Brazilian research and engineering. With specialized management techniques, SAFE SOLUTIONS combines the best results for clients, staff and partners.
Acting in Safety Studies areas of Gas Dispersion and Explosion Analysis, SAFE SOLUTIONS aims to mitigate major accidents, damage to workers and population, production or equipment losses, fines and damage the image of our customers. We aim also, with the development of CFD simulations for Ventilation and Acclimatization, an increase of energy efficiency due to the reduction of energy consumption of HVAC systems, ensuring the integrity of different equipment and thermal comfort of people.
Be a brazilian benchmark for simulations of Gas Dispersion, Explosion, Ventilation and Acclimatization, as well as in customer service.
Use engineering best practices to contribute to a safer and more economical operation to our customers, generating income and ensuring the satisfaction to customers, staff, partners and community.
Ethics, commitment, social responsibility, agility.



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